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  1. Hi stranger!

    Your farm caught my eye as I was searching through growfood.org, and I
    was curious if you are hosting interns for 2013. If so, I’d love an
    application! Thanks!

    Have a beautiful day,

  2. Interested in learning about this experimental station. Looking for a collective of people with the same mind set as myself. Live self sufficient off the land in the mountains.

  3. Hey Guys,

    Just came upon your posting this morning on growfood.org. My name is Julien, currently in Vancouver but looking to head south of the border for the next few months to do permaculture. I don’t have tons of experience but I have gardened for the last two seasons, worked briefly on a CSA permaculture farm last summer, and just completed my PDC in California a couple of weeks ago. Now looking to put that into practice and to get some experience with food and working on the land in the next few months. I’m a writer and publish regularly if you guys would like help getting that off the ground. I have a decent amount of canning experience and am quite handy in the kitchen.

    I would be looking to commit for March, April, and part of May, with the possibility of leaving and coming back in late June, early July. Reason is that I may be heading back to help organize a permaculture set-up in June with a native community up north in BC I’ve been working with for a few months(although this is not confirmed yet). I also have a partner in Sacramento and she would likely be looking to join me for a while if you guys can use extra hands. She also does food justice work in the city and is PDC certified.

    Let me know what type of internship, work-trade situation, time commitment you guys are looking for. I am looking mainly for a work-trade type situation and am happy with a communal food arrangement and cool with camping outside. Would be able to potentially stay for a longer period of time with a stipend.

    Warm regards,

    Looking forward to hearing from you,


  4. Hi, my name is Carly and I found your listing on the WWOOF USA database. However, I didn’t see an e-mail option, so I tracked this down as the next best way to get in contact.

    I am twenty-one years old and will be turning twenty-two at the beginning of July. I am originally from Annapolis, Maryland, but have been going to college at Sarah Lawrence College in the suburbs of New York City. I will be graduating from school at the end of May and for my next step, I would love to WWOOF. I am looking to learn about farming, disconnect from society to some degree, get closer to nature, and, since I am an aspiring writer of sorts, work on some stories. I have never farmed before, but I am enthusiastic and a conscientious worker. I love food and recently, the quality of food has become a concern of mine – what better way to learn more about it than at the source? I love cooking and think I could get the hang of helping out in the kitchen quickly. I have held summer jobs in the service areas in the past. My school before college often featured outdoor education trips. I spent two months each summer at sleepaway camp for the majority of my childhood, where we often went camping. Therefore, I’m not completely foreign to the concepts of working hard, helping others, and being outside. I’m just beginning to figure out my post-graduation plan, but I would prefer something from July-August, lasting for a month to two months. I don’t want to ramble too much, so please ask me any and all other questions you may have! I hope to hear back from you soon. Thanks so much for your time!


  5. Hello!

    We are a hardworking traveling couple (Gabriel Simental & Hana Faye) hoping to wwoof with you this summer. I couldn’t find contact information, so please email me at xhanafaye@yahoo.com and I will send you our resumes and information. I am a college student, and Gabriel is certified in construction. We both have worked on a farm before and have gardening experience. Hope to hear from you soon!


    Hana & Gabe
    wwoof profile- hanafaye

  6. I am a landscape photographer in Humboldt County, interested in taking nature photos in your area. Please let me know if this is something that you would allow me to come and do, for a day.

  7. Hello,
    My name is Harrison Lane. I am interested in helping out with your summer program’s during anytime this summer for about 2 weeks or more. I am really interested in what you stand for and your ethics as well. My information is below.

    I am outgoing, dedicated and fun loving. I am an Environmental Studies Major at various city colleges in California. After completing my AA Degree, I want to pursue my master’s at Cal State East BAy, near San Jose, Ca. After School, I want to maybe work or start a nonprofit. I want to focus on environmental health and well-being. I am currently gluten, dairy, and tomato-free. I will be 20 years old in June, on the 5th.

    Back in the summer of 2009, I went WOOFing with my mother in Monroe, ME at Rolling Hills Farm.

    This past summer I took part in the Sustainable Vocations Program at Quail Spring Learning Oasis, located in Ventucoppa off of highway 33, about 50 miles in the mountains out of Ojai. Quail Springs is located about 2 hours from Santa Barbara and is a 3 hour drive from LA. At Quail Springs Learning Oasis, run by a gentleman named Warren Brush, we did permaculture design. I learned about sustainable gardening, greywater and black water systems, animal care, including goats, chickens, ducks, and chicken butchering, sour dough bread making, rain water capturing with Brad Lancaster, and environmentally friendly landscape design.
    Thanks in advance,
    Harrison Lane (805-729-8858)

  8. Howdy! i am a wwoofer and i came across your farm looking through the website. i am very interested in staying with you on your farm, preferably a longer stay than a few days. i hope to hear back from you. thank you for taking the time to read this.

    -jessica marie

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